A poem for spring bodies!!


Bare shoulder sunshine,
fingers deep in the soil
Don’t even need a trowel, really,
just the depth of your hand
and the straight line running down the row.
The rhythm of the shuffle down,
Kneeling to squatting to bending to kneeling,
Sometimes I sit.
(I try not to sit)
Plant the collards deep,
up to the growth point
Can you feel how good it feels?
(to be a plant and)
to be finally released from the small scale of your soil block
and buried up to your neck
in fresh soft dirt
(SOIL, excuse me)
so much space to stretch
and reach
And when it rains, to feel the rain drops
that fell just for you
Sink down into your soil, your spot, your home.
To grow big and tall,
Reaching for a sun
you don’t know you can never reach,
But feels so good on your bones (leaves)

Nourishment can mean many things.

I’d been getting angsty about winter body, winter stress
It takes a different kind of energy to keep warm
even swaddled under the blankets
(when winter is six months of darkness)
A different kind of determination.
But now, suddenly–
The only things the body needs to do are:
1. Keep moving
2. Keep moving
3. Enjoy the sunshine.

I’ll see you next week when it rains and I have to come back inside.


me and my collards!!! squinting in the sun!!!

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